What is this all about?

DirtInfo is a passion project that I started in July 2022 in an effort to make #FantasyDirt more accessible to, and more prominent amongst, the dirt racing fans. My hope is you'll find something interesting or funny every time you visit and, if you do, that you'll subscribe to receive updates in real time. I'm also hopeful that you'll follow me on Twitter (@dirt_info) and Facebook (@DirtInfoMN) too!

About me

I'm not your typical dirt racing fan, or at least I don't think I am. I don't come from a racing family, I've never raced (hell, I'm not sure I could fit in a race car!), I don't have friends that race, I didn't grow up going to the race track, I've never worked in racing. But, boy, do I sure love it.

The first track I remember going to was Princeton Speedway in Princeton, MN all of about seven years ago. It took me a solid five more years before I was ever brave enough to head down to the pits. Heck, its still difficult for me to talk to drivers or crew, not out of shyness, I'm not shy, but because I don't want to interupt or otherwise be in the way. They've got a job to do and I want them to do it to the best of their abilities.

Since that first time, I've been hooked. Slowly attending more shows locally, then attending the touring series (World of Outlaws Sprint Cars and Late Models, USMTS) when they visited Cedar Lake Speedway, then to traveling around the Upper Midwest to catch any show I could fit into our schedule. I found myself thinking about dirt racing more and more, coming up with ideas of how I could help to make the sport more accessible to casual fans and to those who might not yet be fans.

Through those ideas, I came across DirtDraft (and to a lesser extent MyRacePass) and their fantasy offerings. That's when I knew I found my best idea yet and the one I was going to chase.

Like many, I play fantasy football every year. The thing is, I've been playing fantasy football for well over two decades. I was a young teenager and at the forefront of what turned out to be a cultural pillar of every football season. I also happened to be, and still am, really good at fantasy football. I've racked up at least a dozen championships, a handful of podium finishes, and, most importantly, zero toilet bowl "championships."

So I figure that if I can combine my ever growing passion for dirt racing with my ability to succeed in fantasy sports, and a dash of my writing skills gained from BAMA LS, I could help grow both the sport we all love but also the game within the game that is #FantasyDirt. Time will tell if I succeed. It's perfectly fine if I don't. I just want to have fun while I try and bring that joy to as many others as I can.

Thanks for checking out the site. It will probably always be some version of a work in progress. Subsribe if you think I might help you out it some way. Feel free to drop me an email or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook to discuss lineups, chat about #FantasyDirt, swap ideas, or just shoot the shit because, as I once had an old timer ask me at the track, "Have you ever met someone you didn't like at a dirt track?"