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Alabama Slama: #FantasyDirt Primer for the Hunt the Front Southern Showcase from Deep South Speedway

Alabama Slama: #FantasyDirt Primer for the Hunt the Front Southern Showcase from Deep South Speedway
Hunt the Front's Joseph Joiner's 10 car at Cedar Lake Speedway for the 2022 USA Nationals. Captured by Ol' Gal.

If y'all didn't catch the update yesterday, racing for the Finale of Hunt the Front's Southern Showcase is going to kick off early today in an attempt to beat unfavorable weather.

🚨***Saturday Race Schedule***🚨 We’re excited for the final day of the Southern Showcase! Please make note of the...

Posted by Deep South Speedway on Saturday, November 19, 2022

Honestly, I'm a little bummed the show had to be bumped up as I thought the racing was pretty good last night (aside from Big Sexy dominating e'rybody). Nonetheless, I appreciate everyone trying to get the show in today.

Last night, when submitting my lineups on DirtDraft, I realized that I didn't know as many drivers as I figured I would. So, naturally, that meant I woke up this morning and did a little research. I'm not the greedy type, so I figured I'd share what I found with everyone. Given my performance the last few contests, it might be in better hands with anyone but me! I'm starting to think paralysis by analysis kicks in when I do these #FantasyDirt Primers. Leading me to over think my linuep. I'll work to not do that tonight, but I'm always happy when one of my readers kicks my ass. It means I'm achieving my goals!

Format: Last night, the format was...

I think we're going to get much of the same again tonight.  

The big difference to me, between a 24-car race your way in and an all start field, is that speed matters more in the 24ish car field. We want fast guys. There is only 2 chances to transfer to the A-Main, so we want the dudes starting up front in their Heats, and B-Mains if we must. Whereas, I think experience is more crucial in a larger field. I'd be more inclined to roll with a slower guy who can manage his equipment well and just march forward the entirety of the feature in an all cars start situation.

Who to Watch: Driver Name (Salary) (Salary Rank w/ 1 = Most Expensive)

Brandon Overton ($22,000) (1): Ol' Gal's favorite Late Model Driver is the highest-salaried driver. And he should be. Big Sexy slapped the field last night. It feels pretty certain he's going to do it again tonight. You're paying top dollar for the 100, but I can't fault anyone for doing it. I might too.

Payton Freeman ($21,600) (2):
Joseph Joiner ($21,500) (3):
Spencer Hughes ($21,400) (4):
If Overton doesn't win, one of these three will. Freeman ran second, Joiner ran third, and Hughes ran fifth last night. Freeman looked to be the clear second fastest guy too, so I like him most of all from the "has a chance to win" perspective. Joiner (started 4th) and Hughes (started 2nd) started up front, fell back, then marched forward again. I like both Joiner and Hughes equally from a "bang for the buck" perspective. Ultimately, if you can find a way to get two of these three in your lineup, you're going to be highly competitive.

Rodney Wing ($21,200) (6): Wing was one of the guys I missed out on last night due to being underinformed. Wing has been quite dominant in Crate Racin' 604 action this year. Having 5 wins, 13 top 5's, and 16 top-10's across his 604 season. As far as I can tell from MRP, last night was Wing's first Super start on the year and, yet, he managed to come home 6th. I am admittedly impressed with Wing. The issue I have going into tonight is that I don't see much upside to his sixth-highest salary. While it's not impossible for him to deliver plus-value, I think it's a bit more likely that he underplace his salary slot.

David Breazeale ($21,100) (7) *NOT ON MRP ENTRIES LIST*: Breazy (I don't know if that is his nickname, but it really should be. Well that or Stiff Breaze) was the 2018 WoO LM ROY, so he has a plenty of experience racing the best of the best (still a top-10 movie). Breazeale had a tough night last night recording a 20th/DNF. That being what it is, I can't shake the feeling that Breazy has a decent chance to deliver plus-value at the 7th-highest salary.

Brian Rickman ($21,000) (8): Rickman is the 2022 COMP Cams Super Diert Series Champion, that alone peaks my interest. Rickman also came home 7th last night. With his 8th-highest salary, we can see that plus-value without even squinting! As with Breazeale, I like Rickman quite a lot if the race is another caution-filled affair. The experience really goes a long way in navigating sloppy, if still entertaining, racing.

Rusty Schlenk ($20,500) (11): I've heard the name before last night, but, outside of the name, I didn't know much about Schlenk. Turns out my guy has 6 wins, 22 top-5's, and 33 top-10's in 56 races this year! That's a solid resume! Schlenk pretty much raced all over the field last night, but still managed to come home 16th. Should Schlenk manage a slightly less eventful evening, I feel fairly confident we can get real value.

Brenden Smith ($19,800) (14): I wrote about the Newshow quite a bit last week in the Duel in the Desert #FantasyDirt Primer. While Smith didn't have the best Duel, a lot of what I said there remains relevant. For tonight, we're getting last night's 11th place finisher for a 14th-place price. I like that as it is, but I feel like there is a real shot for the Newshow to outrun last night too. Barring a terrible qualifying effort, there is a solid chance I rock with Smith tonight.

Steven Jernigan ($19,600) (15): Jernigan ran 12th last night and rolls into tonight sporting the 15th-highest salary. Like Brenden Smith, this feels a bit like a no-brainer. Jernigan, until last night, has raced 604s this season. But he's done that quite well racking up 3 wins, 8 top-5's, and 11 top-10's in 16 starts. Last night we had quite a couple 604 guys run exeedingly well (Wing - 6th, Enterkin - 9th), who's to say tonight isn't Jernigan's turn?  

JR Moseley (Jr Mosley on DirtDraft) ($19,200) (18) *NOT ON MRP ENTRIES LIST*: If you like waiting even longer for your DirtDraft finishing position to update, then lock Moseley in your lineup now!!! The mispelling on DirtDraft caused Moseley's points to register a DNS for quite a bit last night. Moseley looked familiar last night because Ol' Gal noticed his car last week at Senoia. That made me give his MRP a look and turns out JR can wheel a little. Since September, Moseley has a 3rd and 13th at EAMS, 9th at Senoia, 8th at Talladega, 5th at EAMS, and a 19th and DNS at Senoia with FloRacing Night in America. Then last night, Moseley came home 15th, charging up 7 spots over the course of the race. That's a solid run of results, against much of the same guys (or quality of guys) he's racing against tonight. With a salary this low, the upside is pretty evident.

Shay Miller ($19,100) (19): Another driver who's placement last night is better than his salary slot. Miller came home 18th and checks in with the 19th-highest salary. That alone is pretty solid, but Miller also managed to gain 6 spots in the feature. Miller's resume isn't overly impressive, but it is littered with single digit placements in regional SLM action. On the season, Miller has 21 starts and 9 top-10's. It's not out of line to think he can add another top-10 to his resume tonight. If that happens, Miller will be an absolute boon for your roster.

BJ Robinson ($18,900) (21): Robinson had a tough night last night, registering an 21st/DNF after starting 11th. His tough luck is our gain though, as Robinson comes in with a very appetizing salary. Robinson finished the COMP Cams season 4th in points (Rickman was first, 2nd and 3rd aren't in Loxley tonight), so we know he can wheel a little bit. Between 604 and SLM action this year, Robinson has 2 wins (1 Crate, 1 SLM), 13 top-5's, and 20 top-10's. For me, Robinson is a no-doubter. He's in my lineup, I'll live with whatever consequence that bears.