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Here's the...(don't say it)...4-1-1 (you said it): #FantasyDirt Primer for Castrol FloRacing Night in America from 411 Speedway.

Here's the...(don't say it)...4-1-1 (you said it): #FantasyDirt Primer for Castrol FloRacing Night in America from 411 Speedway.
2022 Fall Nationals WISSOTA Late Model Feature 4-Wide from Ogilvie Raceway

Believe it or not, one of the hardest things for me to write for these #FantasyDirt primers is the tiny blurb in the headline. Not today though! I had so many options! I thought about "Getting Down at 411," in hopes someone would get the 311 "Down" reference. Dirt4-1-1 was a consistent theme, cause ya know 4-1-1 provides info and you're reading DirtInfo. Hell, 411 Motor Speedway is located in Seymour, TN and the 10-year boy in me had a real hard time walking away from that layup. There's a solid chance I chose the wrong one, but it made me giggle.

Tonight we get another Castrol FloRacing Night in America show, this time coming from "Tennessee's Action Track" 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour, TN. If last year's CFNA show is any indication, we're in for one heck of a race tonight.

An early look at DirtDraft reveals only 23 drivers. Last year, the CFNA brought out 26 Late Models to 411, so I'd suspect we won't see many drivers added between now and the green flag dropping on hot laps. (Ed. Note: We're up to 35 cars on MRP as of 4:30p.m.)

Finally, I wanted to point out that the drivers identified in the "Who to Watch" are the drivers I believe have a chance to outplace their salary. They are not the ONLY drivers under consideration, just the ones that represent value (value being defined here as finishing higher than their salary slot) prior to qualifying. Personally, I tend to have a roster consisting mostly, or entirely, of the drivers in the "Who to Watch." Occasionally, however, I will only have one or two of the "Who to Watch" drivers. That's my long-winded way of say "Don't lock yourself into specific drivers just because they are listed here and don't avoid any specific driver just because they aren't listed here."

Straight-up. Of note, and I apologize for missing this previously, CFNA only starts 22 in the Feature.

Who to Watch: Driver, Salary, Salary Position (1 = highest salary)

Dale McDowell ($21,800) (3): The MacDaddy has been on a tear of late with a 3rd and 2nd from Boyd's Speedway with WoO, a Dub from Tri-County with CFNA, and a 3rd from Telladega Short Track with LOLMDS. McDowell also has a 2nd (to Jimmy Owens) at 411 back on May 30th, 2022. Pretty solid resume for the 3rd highest-salary tonight. With a pretty stout field of cars, it is hard to bank on a 3rd place or better finish, but given Dale's recent success and familiarity with 411, he'll be under heavy consideration before I hit the "Enter Game" button.

Jimmy Owens ($21,600) (4): The Newport Nightmare feels like an absolute steal at this salary. Owens has been dominant at this track, with wins in LOLMDS (June 26, 2020), Valvoline Iron-Man (May 20, 2022 and May 31, 2021), and CFNA (October 12, 2021) action. Add in the fact that The "O" Show won twice this past weekend at Sabine Speedway for the Ty Veuleman Memorial, albeit in a Crate Late Model, and it's hard to see how he isn't the highest-salaried driver. The fact that he isn't is great news for us, as we get the favorite for a discount. Barring mechanical gremlins or an incident, Jimmy Owens is going to finish in the top 3. There is almost no way I don't have Jimmy in my lineup tonight.

Cory Hedgecock ($21,400) (6): Hedgecock finished 5th last year in CFNA's stop at 411. Entering tonight as the 6th-highest salary, that represents some possible value. In addition to that finish, Hedgecock has wins at 411 in Iron-Man competition on February 19th, 2022 and in Southern Nationals competition back on July 30th, 2021. Cory also has a 2nd place finish in LOLMDS action and a 4th place finish in WoO action in 2020. That's a fair amount of top-5 or better finishes in touring series competition, all for a reasonable price. Keep an eye on Hedgecock as qualifying plays out, he might just force our hand with a quick time.

Bobby Pierce, Jr. ($20,700) (10): So long as DirtDraft keeps slotting the Smooth Operator outside the top-5, I'll keep puting him on the "Who to Watch." BPJ has two wins and a 13th place finish in the last three CFNA events, which equates to an average finish of 5th. Not bad for the 9th-highest salary. Beyond that, Pierce won the Mars Late Model Series finale from Fairbury this past Saturday. I like the potential value here, but keep an eye on hot laps and qualifying. If the mechanical gremlins that have been plaguing the 32 car pop up again, steer clear. A poor qualifying performance, to me, would be indicative of those gremlins and I would steer clear.

Ricky Weiss ($20,500) (11): I have to admit, I did not expect to find as many 411 results for The Manitoba Missile as I did. Not only did I find a bunch of results, they were good results to boot! In WoO action, Weiss had a 9th place finish in 2019 and a 2nd place finish in 2020.  Weiss also has a 7th (2021) and a 5th (2022) in Iron-Man competition at 411. Finally, Weiss finished 8th last year with FloRacing Night in America. In the last 3 years, Weiss has never finished worse than 9th at 411 and has an average finish of 6.2. Yet, he is going for the 11th-highest salary. That's some pretty juicy value!

Garrett Alberson ($20,300) (12): I'll keep this one short and sweet. As I wrote last week, Alberson is on fire as of late. Since then, he's logged a 5th at Tri-County and a 4th at Talladega. The Hot Streak is official and this salary remain highway robbery. Alberson is a virtual lock for my lineup tonight.

Spencer Hughes ($19,600) (15): Hughes has also been on a bit of a roll of late. In his last 7 races Hughes has finishes of: 8th (Knoxville Nationals), 13th & 7th (XR Super Series Kokomo Nationals), 5th and 10th (Jackson 100), 11th (Hillbilly Hundred), 6th (LOLMDS). That's an average finish of 8.57 over that same period. I like the prospects of us getting plus-value points out Hughes tonight.

Eli Beets ($19,100) (20): This one is a bit of a stretch for the WtW. Beets finished 14th in last year's CFNA stop at 411. Across two years of 411 results, Beets also has finishes of 13th (2022), 13th (Nov. 27, 2021). So we can expect a finish of 13.5? That is value when his salary slots him 20th. I just can't shake a feeling that the downside is at least equal to the upside. Hopefully, I'm wrong (the numbers say I am).

Ryan King ($18,900) (24): King finished 10th last year with CFNA at 411. Needless to say, that makes me like the salary here. I also like that King has a 16th (2020) and 21st (2019) place finish at 411 with WoO and 23rd place finish in LOLMDS action. Finally, King has a pair of 14th place finishes in 2022 Iron-Man competition at 411. While not overly impressive, at least King is competitive and makes features when racing at 411. That being said, it is worth noting there is some risk here. Per the JB57 Report, King has raced 12 times, making the feature only half those times (6), with 1 top 5 and 2 top 10s. That 50% feature rate is, admittedly, scary. But when were way down here, salary-wise, everyone has a risk. At least the risk-to-reward is pretty decent.

Cameron Weaver ($18,800) (25): I don't know much about Weaver, but I do know that he has a 19th and a 9th place finish at 411 in Iron-Man action. Per the JB57 Report, Weaver's 2022 season consists of 19 races, 10 features, 2 top 5s, and 4 top 10s. Should Weaver qualify well, I might roll with him.

Dustin Linville ($18,700) (26): Linville is interesting. Per the JB57 Report, Linville's 2022 season consists of 16 races, 13 features, 1 win, 3 top 5's, and 6 top 10's. Pretty dece, eh? My research found the following finishes at 411: 13th (Jan. 2, 2021), 8th (May 31, 2021, Iron-Man), and 3rd (Nov. 27, 2021). Pretty dece, eh? Honestly, I'm getting pretty excited about Linville as I write this. He might just end up on the roster, after all.

Potential Lineup: Decided I'd pick a lineup before racing starts, so we can look back after the race and see how I might have done with just research.

Jimmy Owens ($21,600)
Garrett Alberson ($20,300)
Spencer Hughes ($19,600)
Eli Beets ($19,100)
Dustin Linville ($18,700)
Total Salary: $99,300

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