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Tussle at Tyler County: #FantasyDirt Primer for Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Hillybilly 100

Tussle at Tyler County: #FantasyDirt Primer for Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Hillybilly 100

We've got a "Crown Jewel" race on a Thursday night! You sure can't complain about that! The seemingly cursed Hillbilly 100 from Tyler County Speedway, "America's Baddest Bullring," finally gets to run the 54th edition. It should be a pretty good show!

Track Info & Hillbilly 100 History:
America's Baddest Bullring is a high-banked, 1/4 mile track located in Middlebourne, West Virgina. The Hillbilly 100 is billed as the "Oldes Running Super Late Model Event." Unfortunately, the 2020 edition was cancelled and the 2021 edition was reschuled and then cancelled. The last five winners of the Hillbilly 100 are:
2019: Josh Richards
2018: Brandon Overton
2017: Jonathan Davenport
2016: Scott Bloomquist
2015: Scott Bloomquist

Format: Straight Up
We get the standard LOLMDS format tonight, with Hot Laps, Qualifying, Heats, B-Main(s), and Feature. Higher Qualifying position result in higher Heat starting position.

Who to Watch (i.e. Potential Values):
Hudson O'Neal ($21,500): The New Deal is Ol' Gal's favorite driver, but that's not what gets him on the list. Rather, O'Neal's victory and 6th place finish at Brownstown, another quarter-mile track, during Jackson 100 weekend make him worth watching. O'Neal checks in as the 5th-highest salary tonight, behind TMac ($22,000), BShep ($21,900), RTJ ($21,800), and Yung Money ($21,600), which leaves a tiny bit of upside should he find himself on the podium.

Earl Pearson, Jr. ($21,100): Per Dirtrackr, EPJ comes into the Hillbilly 100 as LOLMDS' hottest driver over the last 5 races with an average finishing position of 7th in those same 5 races. Despite the recent results, Earl enters the Hillbilly 100 as the 9th-highest salary. The value is pretty evident, we're getting a driver with an average finish of 7th for the salary of 9th place, I like that! On top of the recent success, Pearson previously won the Hillbilly 100 in 2006. I know I was high on EPJ last weekend, but if DirtDraft is going to keep giving us upside on his salary, we're foolish not to take it.

Garrett Smith ($20,700): Call this a continuation of the feeling I had last night. Smith had a bit of an eventful night last night. First, Smith missed the call for Hot Laps, then he laid down a mediocre qualifying time clocking in as the 18th fastest car. Smith then started the Heat race 6th and drove up to 3rd. Finally, Smith started and finished the feature 9th, but not without an appearance in the top-5 at points in the race. Last night's performance, at least for me, lessened some of the concerns of Smith generally fading in features. With the 11th-highest salary, I think Smith represents some intriguing value.

Josh Richards ($20,500): The last driver to win the Hillbilly 100 checks in tonight at the 12th-highest salary. Yes, Richards drives for a different car owner now and his 2022 season has been a nightmare. Still, the Boom Briggs owned 1R has managed to string together three straight top-10s in WoO competition. Last night, Richards managed to lay down the 5th fastest qualifying lap befor succumbing to the DNF, after rolling off 11th, in the feature. The qualifying speed with Flo and the recent top-10s make Richards an interesting driver headed into the Hillbilly 100, especially so given his salary. I wouldn't say Richards is a lock for the lineup, but if he again qualifies well he's definitely worth a look.

Spencer Hughes ($20,100): Hughes is the 5th "Hottest" driver in LOLMDS action over the last 5 races, per Dirtrackr, with an average finish of 10.2. At the Jackson 100, Hughes managed a 5th and 10th in the two features. That's pretty good for the driver sporting the 14th-highest salary. I'm getting a strong feeling that Hughes is likely going to be in my lineup(s) tonight.

Zach Dohm ($20,000): Last time out with LOLMDS, Dohm locked down a 4th and 6th in North/South 100 action. Dohm hails from West Virginia and Tyler County Speedway is located in WV, so maybe we get some hometown magic? Honestly, Dohm has been pretty impressive in limited action, snagging 17 top-10s in 28 feature races (out of 33 events). A rock solid 60% top-10 finish rate, all for the 15th-highest salary? I can get behind that.

Tyler Carpenter ($19,600): Full disclosure, this one comes with some risk after last night. Carpenter just was not great on a familiar track. Be that as it may, I can't shake that Dude has been very, very good on smaller tracks against very good competition. Look no further than his back-to-back Gateway Nationals titles on a 1/5 mile track. I'm still intrigued, especially so given the below average salary.

Kyle Thomas ($19,500): Our first truly local driver enters the list! Thomas has 13 results in the JB57 Report and I know at least 6 were at Tyler County. On the year, Thomas is 13 for 13 in making the feature, with three wins and 10 top-5s. At Tyler County alone, Thomas has a two trips to Victory Lane, two runner-ups and two 4th place finishes. Safe to say he's comfortable getting around here. Thomas' salary slots him 19th overall. There exists some decent upside at that price.

Garrett Alberson ($19,700) & Daulton Wilson ($19,400): Two series regulars, sitting 7th & 8th in LOLMDS points, with below average salaries. Why is this important? Well, first these two sit in pretty advantageous positions to getting a provisional into the main, with Alberson being in the better position of the two. Second, they both have an incentive to finish the race. Often times, we see non-series drivers qualify for the feature and then, if they start moving back, pull off early to save laps on their equipment. I totally understand why they do that, but for our purposes it's a tough pill to swallow. Conversely, Alberson and Wilson (and Spencer Hughes) are battling for season points and rookie of the year positions. Barring something catastrophic happening, these drivers will push to finish all 100 laps. Ultimately, that could take a poor running car from 24th-25th to 14th-15th, in the worst case scenario. And we get all of that for 17th and 20th highest salaries. Pretty good value.

Scott Bloomquist ($19,300): Black Sunshine has 3 Hillbilly 100 trophies in his overstuffed trophy case. That's the entirety of the case here. A legend, some wins in the race, and a cheap salary. Worth watching, but I'm not pounding the table.

Brian Baumberger ($19,000): Baumberger has 15 races logged in the JB57 report, in those races he sports 7 top-5s and 15 top-10s. To my count, Baumberger has a runner-up, three 3rds, and a 4th at Tyler County on the season. All in all, that's a pretty solid resume for a driver who enters the evening with the 24th highest salary. Watch the qualifying here, a poor showing and it's a definite Do Not Add.

Corey Conley ($18,800), Freddie Carpenter ($18,700), & Cody Rogers ($18,500): All three of these drivers have a win on the season at America's Baddest Bullring. That seems at least mildly relevant.

Boom Briggs ($18,600): The Boomerang (still waiting for this to be a thing) secured a 12th place finish last night in Castrol FloRacing Night in America action. Seeing him here with the 28th-highest salary, is a bit odd.

Rod Conley ($18,300): If the Boomerang's salary is odd, last night's 7th place finisher sitting with 32nd-highest salary is even odder.

Good luck, y'all. Also, I'd love to see your lineup. Feel free to Tweet it at me: @dirt_info (https://twitter.com/dirt_info).